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About Us

You telephone or email you get through to 'The Big Cheese'. No minions. No secretaries. No gophers. I runWidecase.com because I have the passion for Widecase Ducatis; hey, if you own 'old' Ducatis then you'll understand for sure (I have a small flock of 450 Desmo(s) and a 1 and a half 750GT (it's a long, painful and very expensive story; it concerns rare Ducatis so why should this be any different?). So you know I speak Ducati, right? Also pertinent is the fact that you'll be tripping up over sites that cater for the bevel twins and there are a good few sites that look after our Narrowcase brethren (Lord, forgive them their folly for they know not the ignorance of their ways). But sites that are SPECIFICALLY Widecase are few and far between; V E R Y few and far between.

What you get when you deal with Widecase.com?

• Parts that fit right, first time. (I buy from reputable manufacturers and agents; often OE suppliers to Ducati in the 60s and 70s)
• Honest enthusiast support.
• A 'can do' attitude regarding your Widecase problems and requests.
• Knowledge that you are supporting Widecase competitors sponsored or assisted by Widecase.com

Happy customers are good customers. Happy customers come back time and again. Happy customers tell their friends that they are happy customers. Happy customers are the people who put bread on my table and pay for the invesment in more new parts for Widecase.com We like happy customers.

Unhappy customers are not good at all. They tell their friends and their friends tell THEIR friends about their unhappy experience. Soon LOTS of people know about the unhappy customer; the paths to Widecase.com get overgrown with weeds and spiders spin their webs over the portals that now, no customers pass through. There is no bread upon my table and no new products reach the shelves.

Does it take the brains of a Mississippi card sharp to figure out which customers I prefer and why it really does not make sense to have unhappy customers?

Shop with confidence at Widecase.com