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#1. Something to give you encouragement after you've just blown a substantial wedge on a 'project' machine'.
#2. Assen, track racing.
Bodywork & Chassis
Bodywork & Chassis
Petrol tanks mudguards fenders side panels and
Decals & Badges
Decals & Badges
Decals in glorious profusion colour Tank badges
Forks & shocks
Forks & shocks
Frame and associated
About Ducati Widecase
You telephone or email you get through to 'The Big Cheese'. No minions. No secretaries. No gophers. I run because I have the passion for Widecase Ducatis; hey, if you own 'old' Ducatis then you'll understand for sure (I have a small flock of 450 Desmo(s) and a 1 and a half 750GT (it's a long, painful and very expensive story; it concerns rare Ducatis so why should this be any different?).

So you know I speak Ducati, right? Also pertinent is the fact that you'll be tripping up over sites that cater for the bevel twins and there are a good few sites that look after our Narrowcase brethren (Lord, forgive them their folly for they know not the ignorance of their ways). But sites that are SPECIFICALLY Widecase are few and far between; VERY few and far between.
Featured Products
battery tray support
Battery tray support
(Inc 45.00)
borrani rim 4647
Borrani Rim 4647
BORRANI wheel rim, 4647, 1.85 18 36.
(Inc 360.00)
rear wheel sprocket, steel
Rear wheel sprocket, steel 428 chain
(Inc 27.60)
narrowcase engine plates
Narrowcase engine plates
(Inc 54.00)