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Tachometer, Replica Veglia Borletti
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I´ll be reordering in due course but if you really, REALLY have to get the parts to you in a hurry just let me know.
Replica of the famous Veglia Borletti racing tachometer frequently fitted to the racing singles. Scale reads from 2-12,000RPM. Ratio is Ducati correct (4:1) and drive cable fitting is Ducati correct also (M16x1). These Italian made replicas are quickly and easily distinguished from the inferior Indian made models:
  1. Italian made items are mounted on 2 rubber supports at the rear. Indian versions bolt straight on with solid metal supports - that will do the workings no end of good when you start buzzing along at max revs!
  2. Italian made items - the front face cover unscrews. The Indian pattern is machine rolled into place and is impossible to remove without access to specialist tooling.
If you see one at a bargain price, just ask the vendor to show you a rear-view of the securing bolts then you'll be able to see if it really is Made in Italy or just some Monstrosity from Madras. I've been offered them and refused them; they are crap.
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