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SCR front axle
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Stainless steel front wheel axle for the 2/ 3/ 450 SCR Ducati. Supplied complete with securing nut and washer. 263mm overall length. Alternative to Ducati item #0689.77.330

Craftsman made, in Britain, exclusively for, the mere dimensions and specifications alone are not sufficient to describe these parts.

If there are any engineering Gods; these are the parts they would show, with pride, to their children. To explain how man has wrought them from base metal; each radius and angle carefully considered with an eye for the finished article. No half measure endured to effect a quick finish so that action with the godlings of Lust and Desire may recommence forthwith round the back of the cricket pavilion. No, such actions would surely (and justifiably) bring forth a rain of thunderbolts around their youthful and uncaring brows.
No, these parts have been subject to the gaze, care and attention of Engineers who know what it means to get things right. Because there is only one way to do things and that is the right way and THAT is the way that lets them sleep easy in their beds anight.

It is 'just' a simple axle but it is so much more.

Bespoke stainless steel parts for bevel drive Ducatis; from
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